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Digital Marketing Management

Digital Marketing Management

We create all your advertising accounts for you. We determine the right advertising model to target your audience and prepare advertising creatives. We check and optimize your ad accounts. Thus, we help you achieve your brand’s goals. The purpose of your brand may be to gain leads, increase sales or awareness. All you have to do is organize a brief meeting with us today!

Facebook Ads

We set up your Facebook account and we never sleep on your ads.

Google Ads

We set up your Google Ad account and we never sleep on your ads.

Youtube Ads

We set up your Youtube account and we never sleep on your ads.

Tiktok Ads

We set up your Tiktok account and we never sleep on your ads.

Instagram Ads

We set up your Instagram account and we never sleep on your ads.

Pinterest Ads

We set up your Pinterest account and we never sleep on your ads.

Meta Ads

We set up your Meta account and we never sleep on your ads.

Linkedin Ads

We set up your Linkedin account and we never sleep on your ads.

Digital marketing management services – Drive leads like never before

If you fail to establish smooth communication with your audience online, you may lose it all. But it’s easier said than done. Digital marketing management is a multi-faceted process to create a cohesive brand message that sounds genuine to your company’s philosophy and encourages people to choose you over others.

When you feel like your business can’t articulate what it’s about, or you don’t know how to bring your groundbreaking ideas to the wider masses, seeing Ticklish Bee managing your digital marketing can be a panacea. We build custom-tailored strategies that drive more leads, forge trust, and save you the effort.

Digital marketing and management solutions to cut through the noise<

Reach your audience through multiple communication channels to boost visibility and attract more leads with:

  • PPC ads. Bring your goods or services in front of more people with a neatly set up pay-per-click campaign. 
  • Social media ads. Gain more exposure on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms.
  • Content strategy. Wrap your business into a content strategy that gives value to your leads, builds trust, and wins new customers.
  • Analytics. Get to know who your audience is, what it wants, and how you can grab its attention.

Leverage the creative spirit of our team to cut through the buzz. Spread ideas that stick. Grab attention with eye-catching design ideas and content that resonates. Become more visible and recognisable with fewer accounts to manage on your own!

How we handle digital marketing management

It all starts with defining your goals as part of drawing a roadmap that will guide our effort toward greater online visibility. We discuss your priorities and what brand image you want to promote.

Then, Ticklish Bee carefully looks into your audience data. We define several segments to address their pain points and make offers they won’t resist. On top of that, our team pinpoints the best places to reach your prospects and shapes the right message.

With our managed digital marketing services, you will get an effective sales funnel to lead your potential buyers to the desired action. It always resembles an ideal customer journey, from awareness to action.

Digital marketing management services that really help

Ticklish Bee delivers digital marketing and other strategies tailored to what you do, where you currently are, and where you go to get results and maximise conversion opportunities.

There are no barriers for your business and Ticklish Bee. We are adept at dozens of digital domains and can bring results no matter what you are into. Whether you’re a retail business, IT technology disruptor, startup, or transportation company, you’re one strategy and management service away from being in the spotlight on the web.

We’re firm believers that success isn’t just a coincidence. It’s the result of a well-rounded strategy driven by accurate data and the best practices of management in digital marketing. We take what works and make data-fueled decisions to deliver results that exceed your expectations.

Get to know how to manage it professionally during your discovery call.

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