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The purpose of search engine optimization iis to increase the ranking as well as the visibility of your website when people search products or services related to your business in Google, Bing and other search engines. In the long run, it reduces your advertising costs and allows you to reach more customers with organic searches.

SEO Strategy
You have marketing goals. You have a web presence. And your audience is out there. We help you connect the dots so that audience finds you at the right time – and you get qualified traffic that turns into leads.

Our keyword research uncovers the short- and long-tail terms you should be targeting based on user intent, competition and cost-effectiveness. Then, we refine your website, recommend content from blog posts to localised landing pages – and manage execution across identified organic and paid channels.

Technical Seo
99% of the time, we uncover missed potential when we have a closer look at a website’s technical SEO set-up.

We conduct in-depth technical and site speed audits as well as website migrations to drive real value and measurable ROI. Our team gets into the nitty gritty of optimising page titles and meta descriptions; creating SEO-friendly URLS and canonical tags; optimising images and more. We remove any and all technical obstacles, help you make the most of underutilised areas and create the right web foundation to support your campaigns.


Ticklish Bee search engine optimisation services = A visible business

Do you have a hunch that you’re missing ample opportunities because of underused online exposure? Do search engines make your website invisible and do not rank it properly? In the era where the world wide web has become a library, a shopping mall, and an entertainment centre, the lack of traffic to your website is a disaster. But you can win this battle with one of the most experienced search engine optimisation agencies in Australia – Ticklish Bee.

We’re deeply invested in promoting websites and making them appealing to visitors and search engines. With the right custom-tailored strategy, robust technology, and a seasoned SEO team, we will ensure more people can see you.

Impactful search engine optimisation and SEO solutions

Every business is unique, and you may have your own objectives for working out an SEO strategy. The Ticklish Bee search engine optimisation company is on the same page. We understand your needs and deliver solutions that address your unique SEO goals.

Keyword research

Keywords are essential in implementing an SEO strategy. After all, these are the terms web users type into the search bar to find what you offer. At Ticklish Bee, we carefully research the niche to pinpoint the winning keywords for your website.

Page tune-ups

Sometimes, search engines do not rank you properly because of an underperforming page with broken images and other issues. With our search engine optimisation (SEO) services, these issues are a done deal to catapult you higher in search results. 

Meta tags

Are you sure web users chance upon an appealing meta title and description when search engines show you up? Enhance your meta tags with the right keywords and make them enticing for new visitors.

Link building

Backlinks can become game-changers in how you rank, but not every link counts. It’s better to team up with a search engine optimisation company like Ticklish Bee to build a network of links that evokes trust among search engines.

Local SEO

Is your business tied to a specific location? Do you want locals to know about your company? Then let us do the job for you. We will attract high-intent customers to your business, grow your local following, and manage your online reputation by setting up and optimising your Google Business Profile.

Why choose Ticklish Bee search engine optimisation services

SEO is a dynamic industry. Algorithms and exposure rules are never set in stone, but our team stays in the loop of all changes that affect your ranking. Here is what we do for you to ensure your SEO investment pays off:

  • In-depth evaluation of the domain and competition
  • Custom SEO strategy
  • Transparency in what services you get and how much you pay
  • Organic SEO tactics for long-term results that do not mess with search engines
  • Open communication with our experts through a convenient channel

Ticklish Bee is no stranger to Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines. No matter where you want to grow, we have the right people to contribute to your project.

Get more visibility for your website with comprehensive search engine optimisation (SEO) services!

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